Facebook Lookback: Let’s Get Rid of the LIKE Button

Happy Anniversary to the company that keeps us connected and sucks up hours of our time: Facebook.

I’m really enjoying cruising through my friends’ “Lookback” mini-movies. There’s a distinctive appearance to the parent crowd versus the youngster circles, the “post-a-million-times-a-day” group compared to the “I-was-here-last-year-on-my-birthday” collective.

One thing strikes me with the bulk of the posts and photos.

Everyone is smiling.

We celebrate and cherish our happy friends and family in our happy lives and our happy accomplishments. If aliens downloaded the sum of our movies, they’d think that the Earth is the happiest place in the universe to live.

Let me be the token Grump here, but that’s not our reality.

I’ve read many of my friends’ posts where the comments reflect a sense of conflict about the LIKE button.

Do you want to LIKE that your friend’s kid is having surgery? No. But you want to LIKE the end result.

When we LIKE a public admission of a depressive episode are we telling our friends that we enjoy their suffering? Of course not. We want to tell them him or her that we are proud that s/he is seeking help.

LIKE limits us.

LIKE narrows our opinion.

LIKE takes the endearing friendship and strips it down to a one second click.

Instead, I’d love to see people take a moment longer to COMMENT with words such as:
“you can do it”
“at least you got out of bed”
“recover quickly”
“I didn’t know”
“that is fantastic news”

SHARE your happy photos, by all means. Don’t be afraid of showing off your accomplishments. Use them to temper those days when you get kicked in the shins and LIKE just won’t be enough.

We should write to Facebook and say, Hey Guys, give us a few choices here:

Feel free to LIKE this post.

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